Track all your money goals in one place.

Stay on top of your budget, organize all your bills and accounts,
achieve your goals for savings, budget, debt, and net worth.

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Modern Money Manager

Easily keep track of your Budget, Bills, Savings, Debt, Net Worth and more, all in one place.

Flexible Goal Trackers

DashFlow makes it easy to track all of your financial goals on a customizable dashboard.

Totally Private

We'll never sell your data to advertisers, or even host it. It's all privately stored in iCloud.

Budgets & Bills

Make sticking to a budget like a game, and never worry about being late paying bills again.

Budget Tracker

Organize and track your budgets however you want. Historical reports are just a tap away.

Bill Calendar

See all your recurring bills in one clean calendar view, and even pay your bills right in the app.

Get Reminders

Set reminders to pay bills X days before their due date to stay organized and avoid late fees.

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Fast & Flexible

DashFlow makes it really easy to track your spending, but it is also extremely powerful.

Private Data

Your data is safe, private, and only stored in your iCloud account, like your contacts & calendar.


Each account you track can have any currency, but your net worth will be in your base currency.

Flexible Budgets

Track the categories you care about and a total. The automatic Other category will handle the rest.


Fair Pricing

Other services sell your financial data. We just charge a one-time fee for all premium features.

Unlimited Everything

Upgrading gets you unlimited accounts, budgets, goals and bills (repeating with reminders).

Sync & Family Sharing

Plus, get iCloud sync between your devices and family sharing to collaborate on everything.