Press Kit

DashFlow was made by Kyle Richey & Ben Winters, two guys from Ohio
that wanted a flexible, private, modern money manager.

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Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter @DashFlow or by email.

The Story

Kyle is the CEO of Strides, a flexible goal & habit tracking app.

Ben is a full-time iOS developer that recently launched a dream journal.

Since 2016 they've been working together on this money tracker, a meal planner, a photo food journal, and a daily planner.

Kyle and Ben have used manual entry and automatic bank sync software to manage their finances, for years, but they wanted something more. More flexible, more private, more useful, with less ads, less "offers", less work, less time needed to get lasting value.

So, they spent 14 months designing, developing and testing an app that only stores data in iCloud, so it's totally private even if you decide to do automatic bank sync, and has a unique Dashboard with flexible widgets for tracking what you care about most.

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If you'd like to use the DashFlow icon or screenshots, or would like more information, please download the full press kit here.